Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My First Month at Globaloria!

Hello Everyone,

This is going to be a rather long blog post, but I want to try and capture all the things I have been doing for a month since I have worked as the Special Projects Coordinator at the CPD office in Charleston WV.

Its been a very interesting few weeks for me. I have just finished my Masters in August. A week after I graduated from a very intense 14 month long Masters of Art in Community Arts I started this job. I moved back to WV from Baltimore which is a relatively big city to Charleston WV which is relatively small :)! The first few weeks were very tough as I missed my friends and the bustling city life! But work has been interesting so its kept me quite busy. I was a bit concerned at in the beginning if moving back to WV was a wise decision. I guess time will tell me!

So what have I been doing in the past few weeks?

I was introduced to the CPD office who graceiously welcomed me into their office. I could see the exitement as this was a very important step in Globaloria's history as we have the first physical office space in Charleston WV. Its such an amazing office and I love working here!

Next, I flew to NYC for a Strategy meeting with the World Wide Workshop Foundation Team. That was a lot of fun and really good to meet the whole team in person. I had never seen the NYC office which is really cool and in the heart of SOHO which is I think on the south eastern part of Manhattan. The meeting was very productive as I got a really good picture of the whole project and the scale and proportion, where it was today and where we envision it to to! The best part of this trip was my wild adventure while driving to the Pittsburgh airport at 3 am to catch the flight I almost got killed as there was a deer on the road! Scary!! I had forgotten WV had a huge deer population.

I had a chance to stay back in NYC for 2 days and work with Idit in the NYC office which was a lot of fun. As my mom was visiting me form India we had some fun in the city and got to see MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and also went and saw a musical called Xanadu! I also had a chance to catch up with a bunch of my friends who are working/living in NYC.

The next week was the Educators Training, which was very interesting I got to meet all the educators! It was very hectic but a lot of fun to be a part of that training. I had a lot of fun teaching the Working With Images session at the training. I realised how much I loved to teach and am looking forward to doing so more often.

The week after that was a bit slow we were all recuperating. It a little hard for me to transition from my previous job that required me to be physically in contact with people and this one is a lot of virtual working. But I think i am slowly liking it. I think it takes a while to change work habits and understand how an new organization works.

The past two weeks I have been trying very hard to work with the Software company that will be providing Flash to all the schools and trying to help speed up the process in following up with all the educators to send in all the paperwork so that they recieve the software quickly.

Lee and I also had some really good meetings together to talk about the bigger vision and our passions and goals on what we wanted to do and where we would like to see it goes.

I am really looking forward to visiting all the schools and working with the Educators and students a lot more. I am also going to make it a point to keep reqularly posting blogs. I also intend to create a new thread which is souly dedicated to design and design topics that you would like to address while your students are creating games.

Please feel free to write your thoughts!

Looking forward to hearing form you all!


Lee Kraus said...

Welcome aboard Maitreyi!

Mr. Dorsey said...

I enjoyed reading your first blog. Thank you for your presentations.

Denise Stalnaker said...

You are a natural teacher and have done an excellent job explaining how to use Flash. Thank you. I look forward to the design training.

Maitreyi Doshi said...

Thank you for your kind words!

Cindy said...

What a wonderful opportunity!Anytime that Idit needs me to speak to a group of administrators to motivate them, I would be happy to visit New York, haha.

Gary said...

I hope you will grow fond of WV. You should spend some time in the woods while you are here.