Monday, September 22, 2008

And then there was Flash!!!!

I am so thrilled finally I think all the schools will receive their Flash Software either this week or the next! That was a very long journey but we made it and hopefully we learn to be a lot more efficient next year. I guess the biggest thing would be to plan ahead of time as much as we can for next year so we get the flash software before school begins. But there are a lot of variables to this, as we would not know how many students would be in a class etc. But perhaps there would be a way to work it out?

Thoughts and Ideas are most welcome!

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Mrs. Mullins said...

Welcome to Man HS, Maiytreyi. I sure it was quite an adventure traveling to Man,WV.

We are a small high school located in Logan Couny along the Gyandotte River.

Again, welcome.